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Welcome to Peppermint Patti's! The one place to treat your skin and lips!!

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Treats for Your Lips & Skin

All of our skin and lip products are made by hand using raw butters, coconut, sweet almond, avocado, or Vitamin E oils, and a variety of essential oils. 

For an after-bath skin treat, try the luxurious whipped body butter that melts on your skin. Or, choose the hard lotion bars that have the same wonderful ingredients in handy, portable packaging.

And don't forget to treat your lips to some amazing moisture with one of our hand-poured lip balms. Enjoy a little tingle with my Signature Peppermint, Ooh-La-Lemon or Orange-U-Soft for a citrus twist, or try our Purely Natural version for super soft lips without the essential oils.


Scrumptious Whipped Body Butter

Hand-Poured Moisturizing Lip Balm

Hand-Poured Moisturizing Lip Balm

Convenient Hand-Poured Hard Lotion Bars

Convenient Hand-Poured Hard Lotion Bars

We love making handmade products and love sharing them with people even more. When I purchased my first hard lotion bar in small, historical mining-town-turned-tourist-attraction, I was hooked. The wonderful-smelling ingredients in the bar softened from the heat of my hands. They soaked into my winter dry skin without a goopy, drippy mess and fit neatly back into a small metal tin. I love carrying one in my bag, having one (more more) on my bedside table, on my bathroom vanity, and next to my spot in the entertainment room.